Presenting Broken Bones Limited Edition Gin 2/20 Grinch

Posted by bostjan 07/12/2020 0 Comment(s)

Every year in December, we traditionally present a new type of gin, so Broken Bones Navy Strength Gin from 2018, was followed by Broken Bones Ljubljana Dragon Gin in 2019, and this year Broken Bones Limited Edition Gin 2/20 Grinch. This Limited Edition gin is available in 250 bottles.

The idea for Broken Bones Limited Edition Gin 2/20 was conceived by Pika and Polona.

Ingredients: Broken Bones London Dry Gin, Sloe berries, buckwheat honey, cinnamon, cloves

As the days get shorter and it gets colder, it’s nice to enjoy the rest in the evening in an armchair, with a blanket over your legs and a glass of pleasant drink in hands.

The idea for the winter version came to us as soon as we developed Broken Bones Sloe Gin. Sloe berries that give the full aroma and taste of prunes and marzipan, Slovenian buckwheat honey with caramel flavor and cinnamon with cloves are combined in Broken Bones London Dry Gin to give an intense, aromatic winter drink.

This year is special, full of limitations that make us more aware of what is really important. That’s why we added the Broken Bones Limited Editon Gin 2/20 a nickname -  Grinch!

Try it neat with an ice cube.

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