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When Borut called Boštjan in 2012 and suggested that they join forces and make Slovenian whiskey that can compete with the best Scotch whiskeys, they had a long road ahead of education, research, experimentation and development. First they decided on the style of whiskey, designed and made the pot still themselves, chose malt, yeast, size and type of barrels ... Then came the period of aging in various combinations of Slovenian and American barrels, with tasting and developing the drink.

On 13 July 2016, during the distillation of whiskey, they made sure that our distillery got its name, as Boštjan broke his leg, and Borut broke his nose a few days later. It took another year, however, for the plan to make the whiskey they wanted to be perfect!

Broken Bones distillate was 3 years old on July 13, 2020 and thus became the first Broken Bones Single Malt Whiskey. It took 5 years for the combination of malt, yeast and barrels to be chosen. Then 3 years of careful care so that we can now offer you whiskey with a distinctive, floral and full flavour.


Broken Bones Whisky is a smooth, complex and elegant single malt whisky, with unique character connected to its land of origin. It embodies the natural treasures of Slovenia, the green gem of Europe. Infinite woods that provide distinctive oak barrels, pure water from spectacular mountains and unspoiled air. 

Broken Bones Whisky is made of finest barley malt, yeast and water and after slow double pot still distillation, nurtured in carefully selected combination of barrels from Slovenian and American oak that contribute to its distinctive, floral and full flavor. Non-chill filtered. No added coloring.

Broken Bones whisky is carefully produced in small batches, each of which is unique.

This is the first Broken Bones Single Malt Whiskey and is available in a limited series of only 66 numbered bottles.

Content: 700 ml

Alc. vol: 46 %

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