New: Broken Bones Experience

Posted by bostjan 14/05/2019 0 Comment(s)

Broken Bones Experience offers a unique insight into the core of the Ljubljana's only gin and whisky distillery. Learning about our history, development of spirits and our philosophy will be made even more pleasant with a sample of gin and three selected signature cocktails.


Ljubljana finally has a distillery! Archives tell us that Broken Bones distillery, established in 2012, a result of passion of two friends, that share a family tradition in beer, wine and liquor production, is the first distillery in Ljubljana in at least 60 years.


With the Broken Bones Experience you will get a unique insight into the creation of our gins and whiskies. Our team will guide you through the process from the idea through development and selection to the production. All this is combined with tasting of our gin and three selected signature cocktails (gin tonic, BB fizz and cocktail of your choice), specially prepared with Broken Bones gins.


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