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Broken Bones Gin Set

Broken Bones is a craft distillery that grew out of passion of two friends who share family tradition of producing wine and spirits during the last century. Equipped with knowledge and experience of their forebears, Borut and Boštjan set out to create something different and original – Slovene spirits that combine the expert knowledge of traditional distilling with a distinctive Slovenian origin.Tasting contemporary gins at a whisky fair ignited a spark of interest for the art of making gin. Uni..


Broken Bones Gin Gift Set

Get a gift set of any one of our gins in a stylish hand made box with two glasses.You can choose between standard glasses with our logo engraved orhand made crystal glasses by Rogaška that were specifically designed with our gin in mind.Content:1 bottle of gin 50 cl2 glasses1 gift box..