Broken Bones Spirit Development Set

Broken Bones Spirit Development Set

Three friends combined their passion for spirits in Broken Bones distillery in the desire to make Slovenian whiskey that would elegantly combining the knowledge of traditional spirits production and the distinctive imprint of Slovenia.

The unique character of Broken Bones single malt distillate is the result of a combination of traditional Slovenian and Scottish making of spirits. Carefully selected malt, yeast and a combination of new barrels made of Slovenian oak and used American barrels in which the distillate is nurtured, gives it a recognizably full, floral and fruity taste.

In this development set you can taste the magic of maturing distillate in barrels in three steps - from the fresh distillate (new make),over a 12-month-old distillate, to a three-year-old Broken Bones Single Malt Whisky.

Fresh distillate (New make)

Immediately after the distillation is completed, the new make contains about 70% alcohol. The sample in this set however, is diluted to drinkable 46%. 

At this point, the taste of the distillate is quite sharp, with a pronounced aroma of barley, and merely hints that it will eventually mature into rounded, complex and elegant whisky.

12 months old distillate

The distilate was initially aged in Slovenian oak barrels, and then moved to the barrels in which the best American bourbons were aged before.

At around one year the distillate starts to soften and show its potential with accentuated fresh, floral and fruity flavors.

Broken Bones Whisky, 3 years

Our distillate has after three years of careful nurturing and maturing became Single Malt Whisky.

Broken Bones Whisky is complex and elegant whisky with floral, fresh fruity aromas and a unique character.

Content: 3x 50 ml

Alc. vol: 46 %

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