Broken Bones Peated Whisky 2022

Broken Bones Peated Whisky 2022

When Borut called Boštjan in 2012 and suggested that they make Slovenian whisky that could compete with the best Scotch whiskies, they had a long way to go in research, education, experimentation and improvement.

It took five years for the combination of malt, yeast, fermentation method, distillation and barrels to be selected. Then three years of careful care in barrels, so that on July 13, 2020 we could present you our first whisky, with a distinctive, floral and full taste - Broken Bones Single Malt Whisky.

As big fans of peated whiskies, in addition to our classic whisky, we also designed and developed a peated version of Broken Bones whisky. 


Peated (smoked) Broken Bones whisky is complex, full bodied and has pleasantly smoked taste and aroma. It embodies the natural resources of Slovenia, the green jewel of Europe. Endless forests that offer typical oak wood for making barrels, clean water from beautiful mountains and fresh air.

Broken Bones Peated Single Malt Whisky is made from smoked barley malt, dried by burning peat, selected yeasts and water. After distillation, which is a little different from the production of classic whisky, it is carefully nurtured in a combination of Slovenian oak barrels and double-used American barrels, in which smoked Scotch whisky was also aged. Not cold filtered. No coloring added.

This first series of Broken Bones Peated Single Malt Whisky is available in an exclusive, limited quantity of only 100 numbered and signed bottles.

Broken Bones whisky is carefully produced in small batches, each of which is unique.

This is the 2021 release of Broken Bones Single Malt Peated Whisky and is available in a very limited series of only 100 numbered bottles.

Batch: 2/22
Content: 700 ml
Alc. vol: 46 %
Aged: 4 years

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Whiskyfun - 84 points: "I am all for this, as I cherish anything earthy, herbal and rooty. Great work, Slovenia!"

Included in Whisky Bible 2022 and 2023 as the first whisky from the Balkans region.

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