Broken Bones Gin Set

Broken Bones Gin Set

Broken Bones is a craft distillery that grew out of passion of two friends who share family tradition of producing wine and spirits during the last century. Equipped with knowledge and experience of their forebears, Borut and Boštjan set out to create something different and original – Slovene spirits that combine the expert knowledge of traditional distilling with a distinctive Slovenian origin.

Tasting contemporary gins at a whisky fair ignited a spark of interest for the art of making gin. United with gin aficionado Polona they set off to create a gin that would inspire with its smoothness and unique character. Combining traditional recipes with carefully selected botanicals, such as juniper and rosehip picked in Slovenia’s Karst region, resulted in a variety of junipery and citrusy gins, each with its own particular character.

The trio in front of you reflects the beginnings of Broken Bones Gin journey.

The recipe for Broken Bones London Dry Gin includes selected local juniper and rosehip from Slovenia's Karst region, that together with linden flowers, coriander, cardamom, angelica, liquorice, lemon zest and other traditional botanicals enhance the fresh junipery and subtle citrusy character of our gin.

Broken Bones Navy Strength Gin is made with enhanced doses of botanicals used in Broken Bones London Dry Gin. Diluted to 57% ABV, Broken Bones Navy Strength Gin is more junipery and spicy, but still dangerously smooth gin.

Broken Bones Ljubljana Dragon Gin is a fierce gin worthy of our hometown’s emblem – the dragon. Ginger is added to the Broken Bones London Dry Gin recipe to develop the fiery character of our Broken Bones Ljubljana Dragon Gin.

Combination of Broken Bones gins present in this set will give you a peek into our quest to offer something exciting and daring but still dangerously smooth! Let yourself be mesmerized!


Broken Bones London Dry Gin 100 ml 45 %

Broken Bones Navy Strength Gin 100 ml 57 %

Broken Bones Ljubljana Dragon Gin 100 ml 45 %

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